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It has never been more important to cross language barriers, especially now that original versions' true value gets fully appreciated. What'SUB was created to give everybody the chance to export their work, whilst preserving form and substance through high quality subtitles.

Subtitling is a wide field that not only requires translation and adaptation abilities, but also great technical skills. Specialised in both translation and subtitling, we master the entire process of this last stage of postproduction.

In each collaboration, we take the time to truly listen to the directors in order to respect their artistic intentions. Communication and understanding are our watchwords when establishing a partnership.

We mainly work for independent directors, film festivals, film schools and production companies.

About us

What is subtitling?
Way more than you imagine.

Our passion for cinema led us to create What'SUB, an independent freelance subtitling collective, in 2014. Efficient, conscientious and thorough, we master every step of subtitling down to the very last detail. Gathered around a shared passion, our very different personalities then become complementary.

The key element of our collaboration is thoroughly organised team work. We listen to you and quickly answer any questions you might have. We provide professional opinions and invite you behind the scene of the subtitling process to give you the opportunity to better understand the whys and wherefores of this field.

All our work is proofread by native speakers in order to ensure its irreproachable quality.

Emilie Ysebaert

Born and bred in Brussels, a tomboy soul, maybe a bit geek, I have always dreamt of living various lives to follow all kinds of paths. Archaeologist, writer, chocolate maker, interpreter, cameraman, mountain guide, librarian, reporter, editor, ice-cream maker, bookseller and on and on. A passionate mind that had to settle and make a choice; I chose subtitling. I began translation and interpretation studies at the Institut Libre Marie Haps (translating from English and Italian into French) in September 2009 and graduated in translation with a specialisation in subtitling in 2014. I earned my subtitling stripes by taking part in the Brussels Short Film Festival twice as a student, by doing an internship at Vlexhan Distribution and by working as a freelance subtitler for film students and independent directors. Curious about everything and excited to help spread cinematographic work, I'm the perfect associate for young directors who are passionate about their projects.

Maïté Dubois

As I have always been passionate about cinema and languages, studying translation and subtitling was a matter of course. I cut my subtitling teeth in the buzzing Brussels Short Film Festival and then improved my skills across the Channel in the London-based company Voice & Script International (VSI). In June 2014, I graduated from the Institut Libre Marie Haps, adding a Master’s degree in Translation from English and Spanish into French to my resume, and embarked on the What’SUB adventure. French, English and Spanish are the loves of my life and I enjoy juggling these languages: writing, proofreading, translation, editing, subtitling, teaching… you name it! Diligent, perfectionist and organised, I make it a point of honour to offer the best service possible to my clients. In subtitling, I love being as close as possible to the creation process in order to provide a truly accurate translation. I enjoy having a drink with the filmmakers to discuss their movie, their cinematic choices, and their expectations. Having tamed my globe trotter soul, I finally settled in Brussels. Between two cinema screenings and jogging sessions, I enjoy playing music and board games. And last but not least: I love stickers!

They put their trust in us


We offer a wide range of services in several languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish.
Feel free to contact us. Together, we will establish what your exact needs are and we will happily provide you with a free quote.


Translation is not simply about switching one word from a source language into its equivalent in a target language. It requires mastering both languages involved and detailed knowledge of the context and the topic of the file to be translated. Moreover, an expert and quality translation always goes hand in hand with a reliable revision process. Our field of expertise is cinema, so we can translate all types of documents such as synopses, press kits and scripts.


Subtitling is an art in itself that follows its own techniques and rules. It not only requires linguistic abilities, among which a thorough understanding of the source language, the adaptation into the target language and the transfer of the humour and cultural references but also technical skills such as transferring spoken language into a two-line written format, adapting the content to the size of the screen and to the reading speed. Today, our professionalism and our experience in this field allow us to guarantee the best possible adaptation of your film, documentary or short-film, in order to make it accessible to a broader audience.

To adapt your work, all we need is a video file (.avi, .mp4, .mkv, .mov, .wmv) and we provide you with subtitle files in the format of your choice (.rtf, .srt, .ass, .itt, .pac, .xml, .ttml, .sub, .stl, .txt). Feel free to contact us if you wish to receive the list of all our available formats.


Transcription is the audio-into- written process from a video or a sound file.

Technical work

Are your subtitles desynchronised? Are you struggling with file format issues? Do you need help to turn two separate documents into one bilingual subtitles file? We will be glad to answer your questions as soon as possible.


It is not always easy to put your ideas into words. Entrust us with your drafts and we will make sure that they come out clear and pleasant to read.


Have you just received a translation and its quality is not satisfying? Do you want to give your homemade subtitles a try but would appreciate expert advice on your work? Are you not entirely sure about syntax or spelling? We are here for you.